MHCC Mental Health Rights Manual

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Chapter 10 Section A : Overview

This chapter is about how you can resolve your concerns, questions, complaints and claims about your mental health treatment and about other services you might receive that may or may not be related to a mental health condition.

There is information about resolving complaints and disputes generally as well as pages describing the pros and cons of making a complaint or taking legal action.

You can then read about which organisations deal with specific complaints and there are links to the pages on the complaints options that are available.

There is also information about advocacy. That is, about who you can get to help you, support you and speak for you if you complain or ask questions about a service or treatment you have received.

There is also information about legal advice and legal advocacy. It includes information about the range of organisations that can provide free or low cost legal advice and representation.

There is a section about mediation and what is called ‘alternative dispute resolution’. It outlines ways to resolve disputes outside the courts and the legal system.

There are also practical tips on how to make an effective complaint.


  • The legal and other information contained in this Section is up to date to 30 January 2015
  • This Manual only refers to the law and practices applying to the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) - unless it states otherwise.
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