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Key Organisations (Rights)

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Administrative Decisions Tribunal

The work of the Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division within NCAT includes the review of administrative decisions made by NSW Government agencies and resolution of discrimination matters. The NSW Tribunal that can review administrative decisions made by New South Wales Government agencies and decide complaints of discrimination. For more about access and support.

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner provides a free services for anyone to raise their concerns about the quality of care or services being delivered to people receiving aged care services subsidised by the Australian Government. The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner replaces the Aged Care Complaints Scheme.

Anti-Discrimination Board

The NSW Government agency responsible for the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW).

Asylum Seekers Centre of NSW

A centre that offers a range of health care programs and non-health-related support to asylum seekers.

Australian Centre for Disability Law

A Community Legal Centre that provides free legal services to people with disability in relation to disability discrimination law.

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Commonwealth Government agency responsible for national anti-discrimination laws including the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth).

The National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline (the Hotline)

This is an Australia-wide telephone hotline for reporting abuse and neglect of people with disability who are using government-funded services.

COPMI Children of Parents with a Mental Illness

This is an initiative of the Australian Infant Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health Association (AICAFMHA) that information to people who care for a parent with mental illness.

Family & Community Services NSW

Family & Community Services NSW is the part of the NSW Government that used to be called the Department of Community Services or DoCS.

First Peoples Disability Network Australia 

First Peoples Disability Network Australia (FPDN) is a national organisation of and for Australia’s first peoples with disability, their families and communities.

Guardianship Tribunal

The Guardianship Tribunal is a legal tribunal in NSW. Its role is to assist with decision-making for people with disability who lack the capacity to make certain decisions for themselves.

Health Care Complaints Commission

The Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) is a NSW organisation that deals with complaints against health care practitioners and health care providers in NSW. These can be complaints against individuals or services, such as hospitals or medical centres.

Indigenous Disability Advocacy Service

An organisation that gives advocacy support to Aboriginal people with disability, their families and carers living in western Sydney and other area in NSW.

Intellectual Disability Rights Service

A Community Legal Centre that provides free legal services to people with intellectual disability in relation to their legal rights.


A free state-wide telephone service that provide legal information and advice and referrals to legal assistance providers and related organisations.

Legal Aid NSW

The NSW Government agency that is responsible for providing legal aid grants to assist people to pay for legal services and for providing legal services mainly in criminal and family law cases.

Link Up NSW

An organisation that helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people find lost relatives. Link Up provides counselling, research and support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are trying to find lost relatives or have made contact with lost relatives.

Mental Health Advocacy Service

A Legal Aid NSW unit that provides free legal services to people with mental illness in relation to mental health law.

Mental Health Review Tribunal

The Mental Health Review Tribunal is a multi-member tribunal that has wide powers under the Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW) and is involved in making and reviewing orders about the treatment of people with mental illness, such as treatment of involuntary patients in psychiatric facilities or treatment in the community, the treatment and discharge of forensic patients and the making of financial management orders.

Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association

A community advocacy organisation that works with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who have disability.

Multicultural Mental Health Australia

A national organisation focused on mental health and suicide prevention for Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. For more, click here.

Multicultural Problem Gambling Service for NSW 

A service that helps problem gamblers from CALD communities living in NSW and their families by providing quality and accessible counselling, treatment and support services.

The National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline (the Hotline)

This is an Australia-wide telephone hotline for reporting abuse and neglect of people with disability who are using government-funded services.

NSW Health

NSW Health is the name of the Department of Heath in NSW. It is responsible for monitoring the performance of the NSW public health system.

For more about the branch of NSW that is responsible for mental health and drug and alcohol, the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office (MHDAO) is responsible for developing, managing and coordinating NSW Ministry of Health policy, strategy and program funding relating to mental health and the prevention and management of alcohol and drug related harm. The office also supports the maintenance of the mental health legislative framework.

The work of MHDAO is delivered mainly through the mental health program and the drug & alcohol program, in partnership with Local Health Districts, Justice and Forensic Mental Health, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Non-Government Organisations, research institutions and other partner departments.

NSW Ombudsman

This NSW Government agency deals with complaints and concerns about NSW Government departments or agencies other than those that provide a health care service.

NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS)

An organisation that helps refugees and asylum-seekers living in NSW to recover from their experience and to settle in Australia. It provides mental health services, personal support programs and training.

NSW Public Trustee and Guardian

A NSW Government agency that can be appointed as financial manager for you if you have a disability. The NSW Public Trustee and Guardian also manage wills and powers of attorney for the general community.

NSW Official Visitors Program

Official Visitors are appointed by the NSW Minister for Health to visit people in mental health inpatient facilities in NSW and are available to assist consumers on community treatment orders.

One Door Mental Health

An organisation with a number of programs that assist carers and families of people with mental illness including as telephone information service.

People with Disability Australia

A community advocacy organisation that works with people who have disability on both individual problems and systemic issues facing people with disability.

Public Guardian

The Public Guardian can be appointed as guardian for you if you have a disability.

Tenants’ Union of NSW

A Community Legal Centre that provides free legal services to tenants in NSW about their rights and obligations as tenants.

The Aged Rights Service (TARS)

A Community Legal Centre that provides free legal services in relation to aged care services.

Transcultural Mental Health Centre 

A centre that provides a range of information and services for people with mental illness from CALD backgrounds, their carers and communities.

Welfare Rights Centre

A Community Legal Centre that provides free legal services in relation to social security and Centrelink.

Young Carers

Carers Australia has a webiste that provides information on how to get help and support, as well as how to deal with young carer-specific situations and associated emotions.

Young Carers NSW

This website provides information on support and counselling services, has a section for young carers with families from non-English speaking backgrounds, as well as information for specific age groups.

Updated February 4, 2019