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National Disability Insurance Scheme Related Services and Resources

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Ability Links

Ability Links NSW is a way of connecting people with disability (aged 7 to 64 years), their families and carers with their community. Linkers work closely with people with disability, their families and carers to support them to fulfil their goals, hopes and dreams. There is no formal assessment process or referral needed to access Ability Links NSW. This service is significant for people with disabilities who aren’t eligible to receive individualised funding plans from the NDIS. See Chap 13.C.7 for information about being ineligible for the NDIS.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) conducts independent reviews of administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws. They review decisions made by Australian Government ministers, departments and agencies and, in limited circumstances, decisions made by state government and non-government bodies. The AAT was established by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975. As an NDIS participant, or an advocate for an NDISparticipant, you can make an application to the AAT if you are unsatisfied with a ruling made by the NDIA in an internal review of a decision. See Chap 13G.4.3 for more information about reviews of an NDIA decision.

Australian Consumer Complaints Commission (ACCC)

The Australian Consumer Complaints Commission (ACC) is an independent Commonwealth statutory authority whose role is to promote competition, fair trading and regulation of national infrastructure for the benefit of all Australians, while enforcing the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. In the context of the NDIS, the ACCC assists consumers with disability in understanding their rights when paying for a product or service through providing relevant resources. See Chap 13G.2 for more information about your rights in receiving quality services in the NDIS.

Commonwealth Ombudsman

The Commonwealth Ombudsman deals with complaints about Commonwealth Government departments and agencies. As an NDIS participant you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman regarding an issue with the NDIA that cannot be resolved with an NDIA representative. See Chap 13G.3 for more information about complaints and the NDIS.

National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP)

The National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) provides people with disability with access to effective disability advocacy that promotes, protects and ensures their full and equal enjoyment of all human rights enabling community participation. See Chap 13F.5 for information about advocacy and the NDIS

National Disability Insurance Agency

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency whose role is to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme. See Chap 13.A.2 for more information about the roles and responsibilities of the NDIA.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (National website)

The national NDIS website provides information and resources for people interested in becoming an NDIS participant regarding what the NDIS can fund, how to apply, and includes information about existing mainstream services and community supports.

The website also offers information targeted to families and carers of people with disability regarding their role in the NDIS and what supports the NDIS andmainstream services can provide to support them and their family members.

There is also information directed to NDIS participants about the planning process, making decisions, working with providers, rights and safeguards, and plan management.

The website also provides links to information in languages other than English, and translations and interpreter services.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NSW website)

The NSW NDIS website provides information about the NDIS, accessing the NDIS, useful resources targeted to people with disability, and information targeted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

NDIS Appeals

The Australian government has established NDIS Appeals, which allows people with disability who are seeking an AAT review to access a skilled disability advocate who acts as a support person, and access funding for legal services if the subject contains complex legal issues, provided by Legal Aid Commissions. The appointed advocates are from the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) and they can assist individuals with explaining the review process, the preparation of documents/evidence, offering advice and capacity building skills to help people better represent themselves, or attending the AAT meetings and hearing as a form of support.

All NDIS Appeals services are free of charge.

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is an independent agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services. See Chap 13G.1 for more information about the role and responsibilities of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

NSW Fair Trading

NSW Fair Trading have developed some self-learning tools and offer information and advice about receiving safe and quality services for NDIS participants.Click here to view these resources.

NSW Ombudsman

The NSW Ombudsman has a role in oversighting the quality and safeguards of people living with disability. They watch over most public sector and some private sector agencies in NSW. Their role is to make sure these agencies and their staff do their jobs properly and meet their responsibilities to the community. During the transition to the NDIS, the NSW Ombudsman has jurisdiction over both NSW government funded and NDIS funded services and supports to people with disability. This includes taking complaints about any services or supports that are funded through an NDIS participant’s plan – both registered and unregistered NDIS providers.

The NSW Ombudsman is also responsible for any complaints regarding the Official Community Visitors Scheme as well as complaints regarding abuse and neglect in community settings.

See Chap 13G.3 for more information about complaints and the NDIS. is an online resource developed by the Mental Health Coordinating Council which was funded by the NDIA to support potential participantsand their support persons to better understand what the NDIS is and what it can offer people living with psychosocial disability resulting from a mental health condition. As well as assisting people to understand how they can apply for the NDIS and how to choose the right providers to deliver the services to help them to meet their identified aspirations and goals, presents information with a recovery focus particularly in its strengths-based approach towards decision making and developing strategies to maintain health and wellbeing.


Uniting is one of the NSW NDIS Partners in the Community which delivers Local Area Coordination services. This organisation covers the Nepean Blue Mountains, Northern Sydney, Western Sydney, Southern NSW and Illawarra Shoalhaven regions of NSW. See Chap 13C.2.1 for more information about Local Area Coordination.

Social Futures

Social Futures is one of the NSW NDIS Partners in the Community which delivers Local Area Coordination services. This organisation covers the Far West, Murrumbidgee, Mid North Coast, Northern NSW and Western NSW regions of NSW. See Chap 13C2.1 for more information about Local Area Coordination.

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW is one of the NSW NDIS Partners in the Community which delivers Local Area Coordination services. This organisation covers the South Western Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter New England, Sydney and South Eastern Sydney regions of NSW. See Chap 13C2.1 for more information about Local Area Coordination.

Updated February 4, 2019